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The Clark Family, 11/2/14

The aroma of toasty tortillas, clinking forks–and sweet little Taytum asking me if I still had the flower she placed in my ear–succeeds our family photo shoot. Matt, sitting across from me, places Corbin in his lap as I thank everyone for inviting me out to dinner.

“It’s a much better day than last year!” Mark mentions, and it doesn’t even take me a second to realize what day it is.

© 2014, Nicollette Mollet Photography

I had unintentionally scheduled Matt’s family photo shoot on the exact anniversary of his tragic motorcycle accident one year later. I begin to feel bad for mindlessly scheduling the shoot on what is a blurry memory of tears, family and friends holding hands, hope, and hospital hallways. I contemplate ways to appropriately apologize when he says, “…And we’re so happy we could all be together today.”

© 2014, Nicollette Mollet Photography

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© 2014, Nicollette Mollet Photography© 2014, Nicollette Mollet Photography


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