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The Clark Family, 11/2/14

The aroma of toasty tortillas, clinking forks–and sweet little Taytum asking me if I still had the flower she placed in my ear–succeeds our family photo shoot. Matt, sitting across from me, places Corbin in his lap as I thank everyone for inviting me out to dinner.

“It’s a much better day than last year!” Mark mentions, and it doesn’t even take me a second to realize what day it is.

© 2014, Nicollette Mollet Photography

I had unintentionally scheduled Matt’s family photo shoot on the exact anniversary of his tragic motorcycle accident one year later. I begin to feel bad for mindlessly scheduling the shoot on what is a blurry memory of tears, family and friends holding hands, hope, and hospital hallways. I contemplate ways to appropriately apologize when he says, “…And we’re so happy we could all be together today.”

© 2014, Nicollette Mollet Photography

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© 2014, Nicollette Mollet Photography© 2014, Nicollette Mollet Photography


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Time Flies

Christina & Lee Buchanan celebrate their first year with their little man, Christian, and once again are welcoming a new family member! :)

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity of documenting the growth of their new little family–-Thank you, Christina and Lee.

The sunlight beams beautifully through their large windows, letting diffused rays of soft, pink light shine through the curtains. They have the perfect quiet little house in Waxahachie, contemporarily decorated with their mismatched dining chairs.

I cannot wait to continue on photographing the happy family as long as they’ll let me. :)



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So Nine Months Later

To follow up on Christina and Lee…

Please play video for music.

Nine months later, Mr. Christian Dale was born :)

The couple were sweet enough to come back to me, and I felt honored to photograph their little angel!

Now they are living happily ever after!

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